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Valley Fresh 
Always Fresh


A Fresh Alternative to the Fast Food Experience. Dishes Are Made To Order How You Like It

At Valley Fresh, we take serving fresh food seriously. From tasty gyros and sandwiches to customized salads and delicious blended smoothies made with real pieces of fruit and vegetables, Valley Fresh knows what freshness is. All dishes are made to order every time and our customers know that we are an important part of the community. Feeling hungry? Don't wait, put in your order with us today and satisfy your appetite craving. You'll be happy you did. :) 

Greek American Inspired Cuisine, Made With Local Freshness

Our restaurant, located in West Orange, NJ, serves Greek American inspired cuisine and use both imported and locally sourced ingredients available. We are partnered with various suppliers to ensure that we always deliver top quality dishes with every dish we serve. 

Shrimp Gyro
Veggie Burgers
Making Chicken Noodle Soup
Our Restaurant Video
The Staff Preparing Orders

Hungry Already?
Our Signature Dishes Are Served All Day, Everyday